Hi Everyone!

I had emergency surgery about a year and a half ago and am still in the recovery process. Nothing major but being older sure makes it harder to catch your breath and get back to normal. I am kind of at the point of just able to keep my Ebay business going and that is about it.

At this time I am doubtful I will be able to get back to my web business. HOWEVER if you fall in love with something here contact me and I should be able to do it for you. I am still selling my desk items just not one of a kind pieces or elaborate creations. Just email me and I will make what your heart desires! I am still doing it all for the love of making our desks/offices pretty!

Please visit my Ebay store where I have it all. Still doing knobs, tape dispensers, staplers, pen cups, etc. Just go to Ebay and type in my seller name in the search box: victoriasgardencottage.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE OVER THE YEARS. Check back about once a year-I may surprise you and be back in business here!!


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